Today I would like to start a new series, where I would like to present some of the books I read recently that inspired me, showed me magic or have just been wonderful to read. In this category, there will probably hardly be a book from the crime or thriller genre, but you will find books full of magic, romance and epic decisions.

Ready? Let’s get started then!

The first book I would like to talk about is a trilogy called “the 13th Fairy”. Unfortunately, it is only published in German, but I do hope it will be released in English soon. Once this happens, I will let you know!

Style: first person present tense
Genre: Fantasy
Suspense: 7 (out of 10)
Originality: 9 (out of 10)
Language: 6 (out of 10)
Pro: Interesting idea, plot twists you did not expect
Con: Language sometimes flat, sometimes plot seems not too worked out
Who could like it? Anybody who loved fairy tales in childhood, who likes to discover a fairy tale world; basically, young adults.


Part 1 Die Dreizehnte Fee: Erwachen starts with a quite confusing prolog, which makes sense once the first book is completed. But after this rather unsuitable start, the reader gets directly into the action. The protagonist, Lilith, sleeps in a high tower and is awakened by true loves first kiss.
Starts like a fairy tale? Absolutely. But you would be surprised if you stopped here. Because Lilith is no ordinary princess waiting for her true love. She is a fairy. One of 13, to be exact. And she used to be the queen of this world, a dark queen, evil and powerful. Due to her wish to find love, she asks her sisters, the other 12 fairies, to put a magic spell on her. But once she was asleep, her sisters stole her power and locked her in the tower, so she may never return.

Her true love is a rather weak prince who actually doesn’t like her at all and gives her to the witch hunter, who helped the prince get to the tower. The witch hunter threats her life, but on the other hand, he needs her to kill the other fairies who are extremely strong and more evil than Lilith has ever been.
So instead of killing her, he protects her from her sister’s magic, since she has no magical power at all after awaking. She knows, he only uses her to kill her sisters, but all she wants is revenge for being locked up for more than 1.000 years and for the betrayal.

On their way to her sisters, Lilith realizes all the bad she had done and wonders how she could have become that monster. She doubts she could ever become such a evil queen again, but the witch hunter has another opinion. Although Lilith still does not understand feelings like love, she rescues people from her sister’s power, revealing little by little the background stories of all the fairies that are now called witches.


Personal Opinion and other information

The story is really creative, showing another version of well-known fairy tales like “Sleeping beauty”, “Snow white”, etc. Although all fairies are actually considers evil witches, most of them had a tragic event in their lives, turning them into victims. The fairies used to be small girls, born with the same look and magic abilities. Since humans have been afraid of their power, every child that looked like a fairy was tortured and killed. Only 13 survived and hid in a tower in a magical forest until the humans discovered them once again. But this time, they have been stronger.
Part two Die Dreizehnte Fee: Entzaubert focuses on the background of some witches. Like Gretel from “Hansel & Gretel”, who lives in a cave and is mad after losing her brother or Marie, who once fell into a dwell and now rescues people who suffer the same but also punishes those with a bad heart. Snowwhite and Rosered are twins, one creates life, the other one destroys it, one fairy brings dreams, one is a foreteller, and so on.
All of them have their own background and bring their own fairy tale into the story, but from a very different point of view.
Sonst of the time, the story is fluent and the background stories are well planned. However, there are some plotholes that are kind of disturbing. For example the last book Die Dreizehnte Fee: Entschlafen (Teil 3) introduces a 14th fairy that no one ever talked about before this. She is seen as the reason that Lilith became the evil queen she used to be before her sisters betrayed her.
While all faires, except for the oldest – the ice queen – become names and a story, some of the stories are not well developed. There is one fairy called the “rat”, which kind of relates to the “Pied Piper”, but is not really the same. It seems that the other forgot about this fairy and had to create something very fast, because her background check does not really fit into the story. Further, there are other quite important characters, which lack information. I understand some mysteries are not revealed, but other should have been explained in order to make the story more understandable.

Nevertheless, the story is absolutely enjoyable to read. The fate of the fairies, the combination of different fairy tales with a totally different point of view, the desire of Lilith to understand what has happened to her and why really work together.
The end, however, really has been really disappointing for me. The problem has been solved in a strange way and the decision of the characters seems a little unbelievable, quite a lot of questions are still unanswered.
A lot of people (with names and nameless ones) die in the story, it sometimes is dark, but it really is a great idea and a quite nice book to read on a rainy day.

Do you have a favorite book? Let me know, so I enjoy reading it and maybe present it on the blog one day.

See you soon!


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