Today, I start the Novella on the blog. It is a story, I wrote about 10 years ago, taking place in a dark time of world’s history. It will take you to a mystery so unbelievable, that even the Protagonist doubts his senses, when he first sees it.

This story was a result of a dream (remember me talking last week about the red bush? ;))
It is a story very different from what I normally write. First, because it is written from a first person perspective and secondly, because the style is a lot different from how I usually write or wrote back than.
Nonetheless, you will see the magic – my magic – within.

It is one thing to write blog posts in English, but a very different thing to translate a novel, so please, have mercy on me. 🙂 Of course, critic is welcome, so feel free to contact me anytime if there is something you would like to let me know.

I hope you do like this story and feel enchanted and entertained.

Let me enchant you 🙂

The Worlddivers – Part I

It might sound strange to some of you, but what I am about to tell you here is true and it really happened the way I write it down. However, it might occur that my memories have been influenced by my desires, and I apologize for this. Nonetheless, I will tell you about the time and the happenings that I kept in my heart for all those years.
Some people talk about fate. They call it fate when they meet their special someone, or fate when they discover a secrete. I heard a lot of times that fate decided what had happened and that we are powerless against this strong destiny. You, my dear reader, have the choice if you believe in fate or not. I did not, all those years ago, but this is another story.

Let me start back than, when I was a young man, fortunate enough to live a wonderful life in a terrible time. I was not determined to find my fate since I did not believe in such things. But fate did find me and gave me a key to a magical world barely anybody knows.
It has been the year of 1935. Europe was changing, and not for the better.
Some years before, a huge and cruel war had come over the countries, tore some of them apart and left a lot of cities with half of their population, if at all. The cities were crowded by people who were searching for a job or food or both, and desperate enough to do almost anything to survive. It has been a terrible time, full of misery, hunger and anger.

And than, there was the 1920s. The roaring 20ties. Where the people who could afford it tried to rid their memory of what had happened in the war by throwing parties, drinking alcohol and making young and beautiful women believe that they will free them from poverty after one night with them. Some of those women have been judged some months later for killing their babies, but I have never seen a man who abused them being held responsible. This was a time of suppression, and it did not last long.
There was another economic crisis and too many people still suffered from hunger. No wonder, the things that happened, happened. Who would have known, what one man with all his hatred could do.

But back to my story, since this story is something you should better learn in history.
Like I said, I was fortunate. I was born into an aristocratic family that somehow managed to get through all those economic downturns unharmed. Sometimes, we did help less fortunate families, since my parents thought it was our duty.

In the 1930s, I was a young and privileged student in Europes most elite schools and later universities. I never heard of all the things that happened at that time, because I was more interested in parties and girls – of course.
In 1935, I was a student of physics, and I travelled to some univerities in Europes finest capitals. My parents forced me to stay with some elderly relative we had in those cities, but that was no problem for me at all. I have been related to a lot of formerly aristocratic families throughout the countries and I enjoyed traveling, though my origin often made people angry, since they disliked Germans just as Austrians for what had happened in the great war.
I had the feeling that everybody was searching for something, but maybe it was just my feeling, since I travelled around, searching without knowing what for. After a long travel with a lot of different cities, I returned home. More precisely, I returned to my home country and went to Berlin, where I intended to stay. My studies have been completed and it seemed, my parents wanted me to stop living the life of an heir and start working.
So, I started to work for a small research laboratory, but quit after some weeks, since the work was boring and not the least glamourous. I always thought that being a scientist must have a meaning and there was so much to discover in our world. But my job was not the least meaningful and I had better things to do, like going out and meeting girls. I was a quite handsome man at that time, and since my name still meant something in my country, it was really easy to find nice affairs.

One day, my father got angry and wrote a furious letter. He probably would have had more effect on me, if my father would have come himself, but since he was working for the ministry, he had a lot to do.
Nonetheless, his words still had their effect: „Johann Albert Sibelius, I am more than disappointed of you! After all those years that we granted you to travel and discover the world, we expected you to bring more honor to your family name! It is time for you to take responsibilities and grow up. Your mother has an old acquaintance, who happens to be a doctor of physics. His work is very important and he agreed to offer you a job, if you are able to meet his standards. I warn you not to let this chance pass, since from now on, you will have to make your living by yourself.
It is time to make us proud. Your Mother sends you kisses. – Dad.“

Well, what other choice did I have except agreeing on my job interview in the „Brunnenstrasse Number 23“. When I got there, I was impressed by the houses and mansions that have been build before the great war and looked beautifully magnificent. However, Mansion number 23 was not really fitting into this street: the garden was spacious, but nobody seemed to care for it and the house itself looked as if it had been destroyed by a storm and never really repaired. The color was fading and the roof had huge holes in it.
Strangely, the fence was completely new and seemed to guard a treasure with its impressive wall and the high door that was locked with at least four different locks. It took some time before a rather old man came out of the house to open the gates for me and guide me to the mansion.
The entrance of the mansion was a massive wooden door, again secured by many locks and bolts.
The man did not speak, but he seemed rather nervous when he guided me through the hall into a side wing with an endless corridor and about a dozen doors that have been broken or removed.
He stopped immediately, and showed me a seat, where I had to sit down, although it was dusty and looked as if it would break down when I touched it. The man disappeared and it became pitch dark, although it was a lovely day outside. I heard little feet and soft squeaks, which made a shiver run down my spine. I really hated rats.

It seemed like forever before a man around 50 years old with grey, greasy hair returned holding a candle in his hand. He looked at me with a mixture of amusement and doubts, before he gave me his hand and introduced himself as Dr. Ebenstein, the physician who was the old acquaintance of my mother. I wondered, where my mother could have met a man like this, but did not want to be impolite and just smiled.
„Youngster, I have already been doubting you would show up“, he started our conversation and suddenly seemed more nervous than the other man that brought me here – whom I never saw again.
Though his words have been unfriendly, he broke into a smile and showed his disgusting teeth that looked brownish and rotten to me. He sure was not an attractive man, but it seemed he was caring.
„Your mother told me that you are a little genius. I hope she is right, because I really need a genius to help me with my work.“
I was too perplex to answer, but that did not keep the doctor from talking about the importance of his work, though he never said a word what this work actually was. After some moments, he wanted to lead me through a door that looked like it would lead to one of those dungeons where people have been killed in the middle ages.
I stopped him on track and said, finally able to control my voice: „Please wait just a moment. Before I come with you, I would really like to know what your research is about. I do not want to seem impolite, but there are some areas of physics that I am not interested in.“ I know I must have sounded very arrogant, but the doctor just smiled at me and it took all I got not to shiver when I saw his teeth again.
„My dear boy, I know your kind. I used to be just like you, young, skeptical, indecisive… Until I found this place and discovered something, that never let go off me“, he explained and looked at me as if he tried to hypnotize me.
I sighed in disbelief, I really did not like it when somebody did not tell me the answer to the question I asked. „Very well, could you tell me than, what is so fascinating about that place and what you are researching?“, I asked, hoping he did not hear how annoyed I already was.
Dr. Ebenstein smiled even broader and this time I could not stop myself from shivering. He held the candle he was holding higher to his face, giving him a very diabolic look. I tried to find a way to escape my certain death, but the doctor did not harm me, he just said: „I research the world divers.“



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