Hello, my name is Bettina and I am book addicted 😉

No, this is no joke, I seriously am addicted. Know this feeling when you got like 20 books home to read and yet, you still have to buy two more books, because you really needed them (or they really wanted to come home with you?)? Yes, that’s me 😉
For this year, I decided to buy german writers. After reading the fairy trilogy by the amazing Julia Adrian (you find my review here), I started with the Pan Trilogy from Sandra Regnier.

Style: first person past tense (but the POV changes from time to time)
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Suspense: 8 (out of 10)
Originality: 8 (out of 10)
Language: 8 (out of 10)
Pro: A lot of different mysteries are included here. There are magical creatures like elves, time travel, even Avalon gets into the story. But it all suits very well.
Con: Well, the end was kind of… hurled…
Who could like it? Anybody who wants to take a break from the real world and get a different point of view on some old legends



The book starts from the POV of Lee, a mysterious, handsome man. He is searching for the savior, because his realm seems to be in danger and now he not only needs to find the savior, but also marry her, because this has been written in the book of prophecies a long time ago.
Did I mention Lee is an elf? Yup, he is. And elves have super powers, and one of them is to make any woman they kiss fall in love with them and are bound to them forever. All he knows about his future spouse is her name: Felicity. When he comes to his school and the teacher shows him round, he meets Felicity. Luckily, she is exactly his type. And he is obviously hers, since she kisses him within five minutes.

But Lee realizes fast something is odd. He should feel more. More magic, more… anything. But there is nothing. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a chubby girl and Felicity yells at her not to follow her. When Lee realizes, this girl’s name is also Felicity, he is shocked, because this time, he is sure this Felicity is the savior.

So, Lee is off for a bad start, because he has to help the chubby girl who is a little Cinderella, and turn her into a princess without tell her, who he is.
She is suspicious why a handsome guy like Lee who is obviously more into the other Felicity, pays so much attention to her. And she knows, he is hiding something. Book one ends with him revealing the truth and an involuntarily time travel. He tells her, what his mission was (without being honest about their relation) and that she is the savior of the elves.
Lee disappears and Felicity realizes she misses him and is worried, because he does not return. She starts to search for him, while time is running out and Felicity is sure, Lee is in danger. On her way, Felicity somehow manages to get to the realm of the elves and also Avalon. She tries to find out, what her destiny is and more importantly, what her origin is.

In the meantime, all her friends think Felicity changed, and not for the better. Felicity feels lost, when her friends turn from her.
Will she succeed nonetheless? Will she ever know her feelings for Lee? Will she save the elves? And who is their enemy?

Entrance to the elf realm?

Personal Opinion

The first book starts a little slow and it takes quite some time, before something happens. But after about half the book, it really gets interesting and the other books are really good. The End, however… well, read on…
The second book started quite dark. With Lee gone, you really feel for Felicity, who does not know what he feels for him. Even worse, the elves think Felicity killed one of their guards and Felicity is worried that the elves will arrest her soon. She already turned from Cinderella to princess, having more and more men falling for her. This book offers a lot of new characters, especially new elves and the pupils from Avalon. Felicity travels more frequently in time and the author really picked up some interesting facts about that time (did you know that Maria-Antoinette, queen of France, liked to play farmers games? No? ;))

Glastonbury, Avalon is said to be here!

In the final book, Lee and Felicity work together, not a couple yet since Felicity still does not trust Lee. Besides, she is kind of in love with someone else, not knowing what she really wants. The murders become a problem for her once more and also her past. She finds out who the enemy is, not sure, if they really are enemies. She tries to solve the issue without a fight, which seems impossible as someone interrupts her attempts.
This book includes many new mysteries (like the holly grail, king Arthur, Robin Hood, etc.). However… when I reached the end and had another 30 pages to go, I started searching for another book, because more and more mysteries popped up rather than being solved. It seems that the end was kind of… well… too fast, as if the author was running out of time and just finished without really being ready.

Conclusion: The End was too fast, but besides that, the story was good. The style was easy readable, the characters believable, you felt for them and you wanted to know more about time.

I would really recommend this book.

Do you have a favorite book? Why don’t you let me know?

See you soon!

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