The days get shorter, the sun light changes magically and the trees get new clothes with brilliant colors.

Welcome to fall, my dear! It has always been my favorite season. Like I said, everything seems magical, the colors, the air, the whole feeling. It is a complete different magic as the one unique for summer, because it is the time nature shows its final fruits before getting ready to unwind and rest.

The worldportals in fall

My story “the worldportals” starts in fall. When I wrote it, I always imagined an old castle in the wonderful, golden sunlight of this season. The castle of Ravenport is very similar to the castle I imagined, and I really liked to create it, although it is cursed in my story. But every time I think of the worldportals, I see the walls and the sun that gives it this eery and mystical atmosphere. Pure magic.

Castle of Ravenport

Maybe this mystical atmosphere is the reason for my protagonist Eleonora to go there. Or is there another reason? Who knows ūüôā But you may find out soon!

The wheel of the year

For another story I currently write (it has the title “Return of the king” for the moment) I researched the seasons and especially the wheel of the year, which is closely related to the seasons.

In Europe, this wheel has a long tradition, since the Celtic people used to live by it, and today it is used by many pagans and Wicca. It is a magical wheel, pure of natures wisdom and old knowledge.
My story starts around Beltane, one of the two big fire festivals (the other one being Samhain, which is very close already!)


Fire ritual

Beltane was the beginning of summer. The sun god has reached his full power and units with the goddess to make the land fertile.
Samhain on the other hand, is the end of summer. The sun god has given all his power and dies, returning to the underworld to recover and be reborn, whereas the goddess mourns him and awaits his rebirth. It is just like with nature, that prepares to recover from the long year, and it is the wisdom of nature, that now would be our time to look inwards and recover as well.


Samhain , like I said, is the second big fire festival, but moreover, just like with Beltane, Samhain is said to be the time the veil between our world and the world of spirits is getting thinner.

But Samhain is another important time: for the Celtic people, the year ended on Samhain. It was time to bring in the final harvest and review the past year, look inward and decide what you want to let go and what you may want to keep.
Because this is the most important teaching of nature: you need to let go of old things to make space for new ones. There is no end, only transformation.

Altar for Fall

I did create an Ebook for this time of the year, including a meditation and a yoga session, but it will only be available in German. If you are interested, please write me a message, and I will see if I can prepare it for you in time before Samhain.


Have a wonderful time and see you real soon!


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