What are the worlddivers really? And what will happen with the well? Read on and let me know how you like it.


I was so shocked when the water revealed faces, floating through the glowing liquid, before the scenery changed into a huge city with dark buildings just to reveal another picture with some kind of machines I have never seen before. I saw the past of our world, I saw people I knew from my travels who wore clothes that I had never seen and I saw things that made me guess it could be a distant future.
I realized that some pictures showed events that had actually happened and some showed the same event but with another outcome. My eyes saw all those things, but my mind was not able to believe it.
When I reached my hand out, everything went dark and the well immediately became just an ordinary well again. I must have taken some steps back and trembled, I just remember that Dr. Ebenstein had to catch me from falling to the floor. He smiled gently at me, though his ugly teeth still scared me to death.



„That, my boy, is what I call the world divers“, he said casually while handing me a cup of water.
I drank the water in one gulp, not understanding, what he was saying. The doctor watched me with a knowing smile before he continued: „Igor is no world diver. When he looks into the well, all he sees is the water, deep and dark and not interesting at all. He would never be able to open a vortex and have a look at the things you just saw.“
I nodded but my mind was still blank. I had to stop my thoughts from going crazy and tried to get a logical explanation of what just happened. However, I could not come up with one.
„You see, at first I thought, it was like a time machine, but it is not. It is a door into parallel worlds. There are some scientists who already believe in parallel universes, but they have no proof. Unlike me. These worlds, they are real, just as our own. Some are far more developed than ours, and some are way behind. And we, my boy, are able to see all of them and even visit them!“
I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked at the Doctor. „Does that mean… they could also see us?“
„Why, certainly! It works both ways. This well however is a portal not everybody can use. I assume it is the same with the other worlds. You cannot travel without the portal and the key to open it.“


He smiled again and I had to look away as my stomach already was fighting hard to keep my lunch inside my belly.
„My boy, congratulations. You passed the test and are welcome to become my assistant. I need you to help me with things Igor is incapable of doing. What do you say? Are you in?“
I don’t really remember, what I answered in details, but I somehow managed to agree to return the next day and that the Dr. handed me a white coat for my work. I remember Igor, who took me out of the lab and that I found myself at the breaking dusk in front of the old mansion, some books and notes in my hand.
I still recall the doctor explaining about some movements in time, axes of different worlds, but my mind was fixed on the well and the light I thought I had seen in it. I recall the doctor saying, that we are not allowed to influence anything in these worlds as this could have catastrophic effects and that I was not meant to dive into the worlds from the start.


A smile broke on my face when I remembered my stupid question, if this project was financed by the ministry. I actually did not care, who paid for my salary, as long as I got it on time. The doctor replied, that the well has been found while we still have been a monarchy and that his father, the old doctor, who was a well known scientist, somehow made the emperor himself believe this project would be able to win any war that was about to begin. Since back than, every new minister had renewed the payments and no-one had ever asked for explanations.
I had a look at my watch and than once more at the old mansion. With all the notebooks and books in my arms, I returned to my apartment to figure out if I was mad or not.


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